What are you afraid of? Spiders, snakes, heights, crowded places, germs, death, or any of a myriad number of cringe-inducing people, animals, or situations? A quick glance at the television news programs can also be a frightening experience as reports detail the latest terror threat, hideous acts of violence, racism, economic downturns, job losses, disease, etc. Fear can wreak havoc in our lives. Fortunately we have a Savior who is well aware of our propensity to fear, and is the one in whom we can find faith that is greater than our fears. Pastor Steve will be addressing some of our most common fears and how to overcome them with faith. Here are the topics for this series of teachings.

October 17, 2021 “Fear of God’s Call” Exodus 3:7-15 & 4:1-17

October 24, 2021 “Fear Leading to Hopelesness” I Kings 19:1-5 & 9-18

October 31, 2021 Fear Motivated by Prejudice” Jonah 1:1-3, 3:1-5 & 4:1-11

November 7, 2021 “Fear of Suffering” Matthew 26:36-46

November 14, 2021 Fear of Being Identified with Jesus” Luke 22:54-62

November 21, 2021 “Fear of Death” I Corinthians 15:50-58