Many people find it difficult to maintain consciousness of God’s presence in our secular world.

The problem is framed in the terms “faith” and “science.” Some have blamed it on “secularization.” The modern life-style is a secular one, that is, one decreed largely by nonreligious motives and over which religious institutions have relatively little control. Unlike the Middle Ages when all of life revolved around the church.

The church was in the center of the village. The church steeple stood high in the terrain around it. The church bells set the clock–ringing the third, sixth, and ninth hours of the day. Memorable occasions were referred to as “holy days.”

It is easy to see that the church is no longer the center of modern day metropolis as it was in the medieval village. The only place I know where the buildings are not allowed to be taller than the tallest steeple in the town is Charleston, S.C. As a matter of fact, church steeples have given away to rented office buildings, store fronts, and satellite centers with large screens.

And so we often hear well meaning pastors, teachers, and followers of Christ preach against secularism. Stuff like, “their taking Christ out of Christmas,” “their taking prayer out of school,” and “we need to get back to the way it use to be,” become the marks of “good” Christians.

But, I raise this question…Has God been taken out of the picture? Has He disappeared into secular oblivion? Is it possible that we, the followers of Christ, are finding it more difficult to practice our devotion in the space age we live in.

I do not believe that God is a part of the picture that can be covered up by other parts of the picture….He is the big picture! May we need to express our devotion through activities…but meaningful activities. Activities that contribute to the increase of love of God and of neighbor. Our goal must always be our devotion to God and not just activities.

I strive every day to see God in the secular, modern, space age world I live in. It is not as hard as it seems, especially when our inner compass is pointing to the truth.

This is my story…