Being a Pastor’s wife has never been the easiest calling in life. I am so fortunate that Jan accepted and has lived that role with grace and dignity.

This past Sunday, as we were going to lunch, I asked her what she thought of the sermon. This is something I do every week. I generally get the same response, “what did you think about it?” Every now and then she doesn’t even wait for me to ask and says “that was a really good sermon this morning.”

Reminds me of a story about a pastors wife who was going on a plane trip. At the airport she handed her husband a letter. On the envelop she had written , “Open only in case of a crash.”

When he returned home, the old preacher couldn’t resist the temptation and open the letter. The letter said: “If there is a crash, look under our bed. You’ll find a box. Open the box.” He looked under the bed and sure enough there was a box. He opened the box and found three eggs and a large stack of $100 bills.

He was mystified. When his wife returned he had to confess that curiosity had gotten the best of him and he had opened both the envelope and the box. “But honey, I don’t understand,” he said. “Why three eggs and the $100 bills?

“Well,” she replied. “When you first started preaching, every time you laid an egg and preached a poor sermon, I would put an egg in the box.”

“All these years I have been preaching and I got only three eggs!” he said. “That is remarkable. But I still don’t understand the stack of $100 bills.”

“When you get a dozen, you gotta sell,” she replied.

Thanks Jan for being so kind and gracious.

This is my story…