I love to fry turkeys around the holidays.

Tuesday Night, November 23rd, I will fry 8 turkeys for our church wide Thanksgiving meal. I will fry another one Thanksgiving Day for my family Thanksgiving.

Setting up the cookers, thawing the turkeys, cleaning the turkeys, making sure there is enough propane, and mixing up my secret blackening spices is all part of the fun. Then, of course, cleaning up afterwards. I really do enjoy it for several reasons.

First, it reminds me of my friend Bill Gray. Long before there were fancy cookers, Bill Gray taught me how to fry a turkey. His secret seasoning became my secret seasoning. A cloths hanger running through the turkey is how we dropped them into the oil. Then we would stand around the pot, laugh, check the temperature, and wait for the perfect time to take the turkey out. I love Bill Gray and miss those times terribly.

Second, I love the fellowship. Standing around a frying turkey is a great opportunity for fellowship. The stories told get bigger year after year and the laughter still fills the Autumn air. It is fun watching the younger guys in their 20’s watch as the turkeys are dropped. Every now and then I will let one of them have the honor–It so reminds me of Bill and myself 40 years ago.

Third, eating the turkey. I am still convinced that a fried turkey is the best ever. I love to nibble around the edges and eat the meat around the bone. Needless to say, I have my fill of turkey as it is being carved!

I am so thankful for people in my life, like Bill Gray. Those who took the time to nurture and teach me. They still stand on very tall pedestals in my mind.

I am also so thankful for the people of North River Baptist Church. What a joy it is to serve alongside you every day. May your Thanksgiving be filled with wonderful memories, and fill the day making new ones.

This is my story…