Let’s get real. We have all heard the parody about “Real Men…” or “Real Women…”

Recently I have been giving some thought about false prophets and real pastors. Pastors who have a sense of calling from God as over against those who see it as a family business. So here is my take on “Real Pastors.”

Real Pastors…

*Take at least a bite from every dish at church potluck dinners.

*Do not subscribe to a sermon service, but laboriously prepare sermons week after week after week.

*Always witness to the stranger who sits next to them on airplanes.

*Look forward to hearing the telephone ring.

*Don’t have to worry about what goes in their garbage cans.

*Have actually read every book in their libraries.

*Always identify as clergy when visiting in the hospital and while driving through speed traps.

*Are thankful for all things.

*And most of all, love the people they have the privilege of serving.

The first 8 are to get your attention. The last one is the one that matters most.

This is my story…