This past Sunday, Father’s Day, we waited an hour and a half for a table at the third restaurant we tried. Father’s day and a workers shortage seemed to be at the heart of the matter.

After getting my fill of people watching I decided to fill my time by brushing up on my Dad jokes (after all it was Father’s Day). I hit the jackpot and found a website that not only had Dad jokes but also “Things Dads do” and “Advice Dads give.”

This website must have researched my joke book, because several listed there were some of my favorites….

“I was wrong once: I thought I was wrong but it turned out I was right.” One of my favorites–always good for a few groans and almost always some eye rolls! Of course, there was the one that never got old. It went something like this….”Daughter: I’m bored. Me: Nice to meet your bored I’m Dad.” Results: groans, rolling eyes, and every now and then looks of anger!

The section on “Things Dads Do” had some pretty good stories but none as good as mine. For example, I once convinced all three of my girls that “Watch for Falling Rock” signs were put up by and Indian chief asking everyone to watch for his lost son…..”Falling Rock.” They watched for hours as we travelled through the mountains. That was one of those “Dad things” I found really satisfying.

The section on advice had some really good advice. My favorite…”Find out what your good at, or what makes you different, and do that.” My father gave very little advice, and even when he did, I mostly ignored it. Maybe some of it I should have listened. My advice has always been–“Do your best to be what God has created you to be.”

Bottom line–I have loved being a father. I have three of the most wonderful girls who make me proud every day. It concerns me every now and then that they are still “watching or falling rock,” but I guess they do have me as their father!

This is my story…