The church was full on a Sunday Night and we were all excited to hear the nationally acclaimed high school choir. They were wrapping up their tour with a few concerts in their home state of South Carolina. They had traveled from New York City where they had performed at Carnegie Hall and received extraordinary reviews. Our little church was excited to be able to host such a choir.

There was standing room only and even a few standing outside on the porch. The prelude music began and the choir entered our tiny choir loft, overflowed on to the stage and even to the floor. Immediately one particular family in the crowd stood to their feet and raced to the door. Evidently, they were unaware that the choir was made up totally of African-American students.

The concert went on…and we were blessed. They blessed us with some very complicated pieces of music ranging from classical to spirituals. But what I remember most was the medley of sacred hymns. With talent, passion and conviction this wonderful choir took us on a journey.

The night ended with an African-American high school choir standing in our choir loft and a predominantly white congregation standing to their feet applauding, many with tears in their eyes. Afterwards the fellowship hall was filled with all, eating snacks, laughing, and fellowshipping.

No one ever mentioned the family that had made a scene with their abrupt exit.

All I could think about was what a wonderful blessing they had missed.

This is my story…